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Well the first thing you probably want to know is my name.  My name is Dave Harvey and I live in Ogden, Utah with my beautiful wife Betsy.  I've been a Christian since 1970 when I acknowledged I was a sinner and asked Jesus into my heart.  He zapped me with the Holy Spirit and I haven't been the same since.  It really is like being born again, I suddenly had a knowledge He was real and an amazing new understanding of the Bible.  It was so easy, the gift of salvation is there for the taking to all who ask.  Everyone has been saved by Jesus and the only catch is that you have to have faith enough to believe and then zap, your His.

Here are Betsy and I at our street rod car club's Christmas party a few years ago.  We're a little older now, but still look the same except for the buzz-cut and beard on me.  Bets is still the same. 

In 1965 after High School (Torrance, CA) I did a 4 year hitch in the Air Force and learned to be an aircraft mechanic.  I even got an FAA A&P License and Commercial Pilots License (I've had several airplanes in my life).  The military was followed by Federal Civil Service where I worked on airplanes and taught others to do it for another 8 years in Utah.  I went to school while I worked and after graduating I found myself as a Guidance Counselor helping the Air Force members pursue their college dreams and also taught the Air Force "Leadership/Management" Course.  Don't forget I was a Christian and was still active following Christ and teaching Bible classes and other volunteer duties.  About this time my job transfered to Vandenberg AFB, CA.  We were active in Calvary Chapel, Ogden at the time we moved and that was the last church going we did for the next 10 years.  The faith was there, but the desire for church wasn't (this was the James Baker and Jimmy Swagert era).  At Vandenberg I was the Director of Human Relations and Equal Opportunity for 8 years and then transfered again to March AFB in Riverside, CA where I was the Director of the Family Support Center.  We did all sorts of family counseling and ran the base volunteer program.  After 10 years there, I retired from Federal Service with 33 years service.  In 1997 our oldest daughter prompted us back into church and we've been active until recently.  I pursued my hobby of building street rods for others for another 3 years after retiring in 2001 and right after 911.  In 2004 my younger daughter talked Bets and I into moving back to Utah where family values were still important.  I found myself building a chopper motorcycle for something to do and then I pursued the desire to serve Jesus Christ and went back to college to attend Seminary.  So here I am ready to help you when asked.

One of the things my family loves to do is to camp.  We have a camp trailer and when fuel costs were more reasonable, we did a lot of it.  That's mom on the right, she died a month later, granddaughter Chelsea hanging on me, Bets next to me and youngest daughter Karen behind Bets, she passed away Aug 18 2012, but left us with a wonderful new grandson and the greatest son-in-law one could ask for.  This was a campfire chapel service.

Our oldest daughter Pam still lives in CA with our other 4 grandchildren.  We would love to have her with us in Utah, but her situation wont let her.  The kids don't want anything to do with Utah and that also influences not coming.

Did I mention that I'm a good teacher, counselor, preacher, information resource, and all around nice guy.  I believe in relationships with Jesus and the people that make up His body, not in church, but in serving Him on a daily, moment by moment basis.  I offer you Christian services without the affiliation of institutionalized church.

That's Betsy's '27 Ford behind me and the chopper I built for something to do.

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