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Sometimes there is a need for someone to conduct a service, lead a seminar, give an inspirational message, or to console an individual or a group about spiritual issues and you're not affiliated with a church or a spiritual adviser.  Maybe you're a church and your pastor is incapacitated and you need a substitute preacher or you could be a preacher that needs a stand-in while you take a weekend off or an evangelist to give a motivating message that will wake up the congregation.  Whatever the occasion, I'm there to help you out and not to worry about costs (click on Services Page above).

Not all groups whether it be a church, a club, an organization, or a family, is equipped to talk about the things of God and particularly Jesus Christ.  Sometimes there are spiritual questions that may have come up due to particular events and you want answers or a seminar that will help to understand whatever is in question.  Maybe you're a group or club that wants a part time chaplain.  I can do it.

Here's a small sample of services that I can provide:

  • Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Christian Counseling, and Communion Services 
  • Preaching, Seminars, Bible Studies, Worship Service on any subject
  • Prayer Service for the sick, issues and problems, and whatever the need 
  • Opening or Closing Prayer for Dinner Banquets or Conventions and Large Meetings
  • Chapel Services for Special Events that take place on Sunday (such as car or bike shows)
  • Designated Chaplin for a Campground or a club or fraternity

Here's some examples of teaching topics:

  • Salvation - What's God's plan of salvation, How do you get saved?
  • What does "Born Again" mean?
  • Who is Jesus and what did He do?
  • Who or what is the Holy Spirit and what's His function?
  • Eschatology - The End Times, Whats coming and when? 
  • The Rapture - What is the Rapture of the Church?
  • What's after death?  What's Eternal Life?  Will I live forever?

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